Anyone who will be going into grade 6 in the fall please join us for this lesson! Grades 6-12 will meet Sunday, May 5th during the Sunday School hour in the youth room. Our Lesson will be: Prayer; Adoration or Thankgiving, Repentance, and Petition or Request. We will do super fun activities in relation to each form of prayer. Bring a friend and plan to have a fantastic time!! Please text or call Miss Gloriann for more
Information at 719-452-1918 or email me at gfinckpst@yahoo.com 1


We are pleased to offer Christian Education opportunities for all
ages after worship each week. You can find our Sunday School
classrooms down the hallway directly across from the Sanctuary door.
Students should meet in their classrooms promptly at 10:30 to begin.

Hope to see your children there Sunday morning!


Studying Faith Inkubators Head to the Heart Resources.

The New Testament, The Old Testamant and Hot Topics.

Head to the Heart resources are a complete, parent-involved, small group ministry approach that challenge churches and parents to change confirmation class from simply instruction to ministry.

They include customizable, "back-to-the-basics" lessons using the Bible as the main textbook. Music, PowerPoint presentations, art, skits, stories and cartoons are provided as supplements.

To a kid, friends are of the utmost importance. Head to the Heart intentionally harnesses the power of these friendships within small groups, building a network of care at church as the context for learning. This bonding gives groups the connective power to stay together long after Confirmation Day has come and gone. In Head to the Heart, we also head to the home. In our model, parents are challenged, but more importantly, equipped with easy-to-use, step-by-step processes that help them discuss matters of faith with their kids.


Middle School (6th-8th): Located in the red room at the end of the hall.