Remember in Prayer


Jim Archer, Sue Butcher, The Calar Family, Lotte Carlisle, Suzanne Church, Anna Culver, The DeBell Family, The Deutsch Family, The Finck Family, Joshua and Kim Jenkins, Guenter Kappelman, Mary Koepp, Althea Kuiper, The Family of Hugo Lopez, Amanda Lopez, Ed and Marie Mannerberg, The Rosanna Markel & Family, Charlene Pickart, The Family of Ron Pope, Amy Reid, Norma & Wayne Riley, Berniece Sarver, Martin and Esther Simon, The Spruth Family, Shirley Taylor, The Thorn Family, James & Lori Tyree, and Daniel Walter.

Friends: Christine Banister, Diane Cook, David Earle, Diane Eastberg, Randy Edwards (cancer), Joyce Jacobs-El (cancer), Rita Farup, Gene Fry, Judy Henke, Evelyn Kutz (Gloriann Finck’s Mom), Mary Jo Love, Jessie & Gabriel McGee, Geneva Mensing, Jay Mullise (military overseas), Chad Nance, Anne Price & Family, Jutta Wendal (Gabriele Suhr’s Sister), Sue Winkler, and Mark Woycik (Pastor Ob,s nephew diagnosed with possible brain cancer).

Churches: Emmanuel's Table, Bethel Lutheran, Faith Lutheran Church of Castle Rock, Abiding Hope Lutheran, Holy Cross Lutheran, Redeemer Lutheran, St. Dominic's Catholic, and St. John Lutheran