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God’s Passion to Show a Living Son
“So the women hurried away from the tomb,
afraid yet filled with joy…”

He was my cousin’s fiancé.  A dedicated Christian young man, he was serving as adult youth counselor for the congregation.  He was returning from a youth outing with five members of the group with him in his car.  Suddenly all the promise, all the hope of a life together, all the dreams were shattered.  A car of young people who had been out drinking struck his head on.  The medical report indicated that he and the others who were killed died instantly.

The pain of such a loss is immense.  No parent expects to outlive their child.  No fiancé expects to lose that future partner before the marriage even takes place.  There are no words on earth that can convey comfort.  “It was for the best” is a mockery.  “We can’t understand these things” is obvious.  No, there are no earthly words that provide peace in such a time of tragic and passionate mourning.

What can be said?  The words of the Resurrection morning text say it best.  The “women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy.”  Jesus met them and said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Every human being has left a grave with fear.  The grave is the ultimate unknown for people in this life.  But to leave a grave with joy is unusual.

There is only one Person Who can give that emotion, a risen Jesus.  A risen Jesus tells these parents, this fiancé, all of us, death is not the end.  A risen Jesus says, “It is God’s will that your children, your loved ones, your parents, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandparents live.  Because of what I have done in My passion in death, they do live!”  A risen Jesus says to these families (and all of us) that they need not be afraid.

Death is not God’s will for anyone.  Death is present because sin entered the world and infests each of us.  Christ conquered sin, taking on Himself it’s punishment and also conquered sin’s wage….death.

No one knows when death will come.  No one knows who it will strike next.  No one knows what terrible tragedies will arise.

One thing is certain.  Jesus understands our pains and passions.  He will deliver those who trust in Him for He is He Who was dead, but now is alive forevermore.  Help share His message with others who are in pain or will be.

In Christ,
Pastor Rick Mensing